Working Group 3 on the US and Destabilization of the Established Order

The “Trump phenomena” in the United States, the United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the European Union, as well as the rise of anti-liberal forces within the European Union are pointing to changes in the international order. This working group aims to examine the ideological underpinnings and divisions within the developed states, and their impact on alliances.




Satoshi Ikeuchi is Professor of the Division of Religion and Global Security at the Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology (RCAST) of the University of Tokyo. He is the founding head of the RCAST Open Laboratory for Emergence Strategies (ROLES).

For the year 2022-2023, he is Senior Visiting Scholar in Residence at the Moshe Dayan Center (MDC) for Middle Eastern and African Studies of Tel Aviv University.

He is a scholar on Islamic political thought and the Middle East politics. As a leading public intellectual in Japan, he has been vigorously publishing on the Middle East and Islamic affairs.

His first publication based on his doctoral studies, Gendai Arabu-no Shakai Shiso: Shumatsuron-to Isramu-shugi (Contemporary Arab Social Thought: Eschatology and Islamism), was published in 2002 and earned Osaragi Jiro Prize for Critical Works. He also earned Suntory Prize for Social Sciences and Humanities in 2009 for his book Islamu Sekai-no Ronjikata (Methods of Discussing Islam).

His book on the Islamic State Isulamu Koku no Shogeki (The Impact of the Islamic State) published in January 2015 was a nation-wide best seller in Japan and awarded Mainichi Publishing Cultural Prize. His recent publication includes Saikusu Piko Kyotei: Hyakunen no Jubaku (Sykes-Picot Agreement: One Hundred Years of Obsession) in 2016 and Shiiaha to Sunniha (Shite and Sunnite) in 2018 both published from Shinchosha. He is the recipient of the 12th Nakasone Yasuhiro Prize in 2016 for his academic works and social engagements.

His collection of literary essays and book reviews Shomotsu not Unmei (The Fate of Books) published in 2006 and earned Mainichi Book Review Award for the year.

He was a visiting professor at the Alexandria University 2007-2008, Japan Scholar chair visiting scholar at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars in 2009 and Visiting Fellow at the Clare Hall, University of Cambridge in 2010. 

He specializes in Middle East politics and Arab-Islamic Thought, particularly on global Jihadism and its implications for international security.

Ichiro KAJI, Ph.D.

Project Researcher

Ichiro Kaji is a Project Researcher of Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology (RCAST), the University of Tokyo.
His research focuses on the provisions of the Japan-US Security Treaty, especially Article X which defines the duration of the treaty. He is currently building an online database of historical records of Japan-US relations on ROLES website.
He obtained his Ph.D. in Law and Politics from Osaka University in 2021. He was a Specially Appointed Fellow at Center for the Study of Co*Design, Osaka University(2018-2021).


Professor Emeritus, Osaka University


Professor, Faculty of Law Department of Political Science, Doshisya University


Senior Staff Writer, Kyodo News

Kazuhiro TAKII

Professor, International Research Center for Japanese Studies


Professor, Graduate School of Law, Kyoto University

Toshihiro NAKAYAMA

Professor, Faculty of Policy Management, Keio University


Professor, Faculty of Language and Cultures, Meikai University; Senior Researcher, The Japan Institute of International Affairs


Professor, Graduate School of Law and Politics, Osaka University

Yoshiyuki KOJIMA

Part-time Lecturer, Tezukayama University, Bukkyo University, Aichi Prefectural University


Education: Keio University Faculty of Law, Georgetown University's graduate school and Georgetown University's graduate school, PhD in War Studies, King's College London
Areas of Expertise: International security, European politics, NATO; European integration, European politics, international security, NATO, the EU, nuclear policy, extended deterrence, and defence diplomacy. 
Career: Specialist researcher at the Japanese Embassy in Belgium at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (in charge of NATO, researcher at the GMF (German et al.), Instructor at the National Institute for Defense Studies at the Ministry of Defense from 2009 to 2017, multilateral security in the Asia-Pacific International Policy Division of the Defense Policy Bureau at the Ministry of Defense (Defense Department), in charge of, particularly ADMM Plus (Expanded ASEAN Defense Ministers Meeting, visiting researcher at RUSI (Royal Institute for Defense and Security Studies). Concurrently serves as a senior researcher at the Tokyo Foundation for Policy Research.


Project Researcher
Ryoya ISHIMOTO is a Project Researcher at the Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology, the University of Tokyo.
His research interests are International Relations, especially American diplomatic history, international security, and the history of U.S.-Japan security relations. 
He holds a Ph.D. from Doshisha University, Japan.