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2022 / 11 / 04 (Fri.)

[Publication] ROLES Review Vol.2

On September 30, 2022, ROLES published the second volume of its peer-reviewed journal ROLES Review.  PDF can be accessed here.

Feature: Diverse Faces of Security

1. Delamotte, Guibourg 
“What Abe’s Death Means for Japanese Politics: Japan has Lost a Compass and a Driving Force” 
2. Nakai, Ryo
  “Information Security and Russian Influence Operations in the Baltic States: Media, Memory, and Minority” 
3. Tanaka, Amane and Maria Tanaka
  “China’s Security Engagement with Greater Central Asia (GCA): The Case of Afghanistan” 
4. Lamont, Christopher K
“The Great Unraveling? Geopolitics, Emerging Technologies, and the Future of International Civil Aviation” 
5. Hinata-Yamaguchi, Ryo
  “Civil Aviation Governance in North Korea”
6. Toyoda, Kohei
  “Iran’s Energy Relations with China and Russia amid the Ukraine Invasion” 
7. Kaji, Ichiro
  “An Unequal Agreement: Revisiting the 1951 Diet Deliberations on the Japan-US Security Treaty”