2022 / 06 / 18 (Sat.)

Featured in the NHK World program "Ukraine: The New Satellite War"

Yu KOIZUMI, Lecture of Religion and Global Security Division at RCAST of the University of Tokyo, and one of the laboratories of ROLES are featured in the NHK World investigative program series Digital Eye's special edition "Ukraine: The New Satellite War" on June 18, 2022.

The research project covered in the program is the "Sub-Working Group 1 on Satellite Imagery Analysis Project" within the “Working Group 4 on the Emerging Issues in Security Studies” headed by Yu KOIZUMI. 

This program is accessible free on demand at the NHK World website

A Japanese version of this program 「デジタル・ウクライナ:衛星が変えた戦争」will be aired on the NHK BS1 channel on June 19, 2022.