Assistant Researcher, Institute for Russia & NIS Economic Studies, Japan Association for Trade with Russia & NIS

Ryota SAITO is an Assistant Researcher at Institute for Russia & NIS Economic Studies.
His research interests include Contemporary Central Asian Studies, especially International Relations, Security studies and Development. 
He has published articles on Water Security issues in Central Asia, Water Resource management in Uzbekistan, and Central Asia-Afghanistan relations in the post- soviet period.






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Saito, Ryota. "Central Asian states’ attitude toward new regime in Afghanistan: Promotion for inclusion and participation of new actor in regional politics?" The New Political Reality in Afghanistan: Prospects for Cooperation between Uzbekistan and Japan in the Afghan Direction, November 2021.

Saito, Ryota. "Actor’s Norms and Identities over Water Security in Uzbekistan -Positive Analysis from Water Comsumer’s Associations (WCAs) in Rural Areas." The Joint ESCAS-CESS conference (ESCAS: European Society for Central Asian Studies, CESS: Central Eurasian Studies Society), June 2017.

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