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2022.02.23 (Wed.)

Webinar “Shaping the Future of the Japan-US Alliance” with Zach Cooper

2022.02.17 (Thu.)

Israel Month International Webinar #1: Israel and Japan in the New World Order

2022.01.31 (Mon.)

ROLES Talk Episode 006: Developments in North Korea

2022.01.25 (火)

ROLESCast #008 緊迫するウクライナ情勢 – 展望と課題

2022.01.06 (木)

ROLESCast #007 カザフスタン情勢の急転ー突発的な政権動揺の背景と影響

2021.12.16 (Thu.)

ROLES Talk Episode 005: Japan-US Alliance: Prospects and Issues

2021.12.15 (Wed.)

ROLES Talk Episode 004: North Korea’s Weapons Program and Its Impact on South Korea’s Security

2021.11.25 (Thu.)

ROLES Talk Episode 003: Political Developments in Libya and Their Implications

2021.10.31 (Sun.)

ROLES Talk Episode 002: Taiwan’s Security and Defense Planning (English subtitle)

2021.10.22 (Fri.)

ROLES Talk Episode 001: Naval Developments in the Indo-Pacific

2021.10.21 (木)

ROLESCast #006 続・相次ぐミサイル発射から読む北朝鮮の今(続編)

2021.10.11 (月)

ROLESCast#005 相次ぐミサイル発射から読む北朝鮮の今